This collection was inspired by traditional zodiac sign + animal + my imagination.
We will have total 144 unique monsters > 120 are common > they’ll get married to each other > give birth! > 20 rare babies born > repeat > 4 super rare grand babies born

Drop Every week mostly on Monday,
random time (GMT+7)

(Roadmap below updated on 17th Oct)



Hi Guys! I’m TATHATA from Bangkok, Thailand.I hopped into NFT world but i’m not sure to define myself as a illustrator. I would rather call myself as creative entrepreneur. I graduated from Silpakorn University of Art in Bangkok. I worked in design department, as a graphic designer for almost 2 years and quitted to start my own bag brand with my friend.

TA.THA.TA bag begins! We started it on 2012 by 2 second hand sewing machines and $100 for first investment. We love art! we always add illustration to be special part on the bags. In the blink of an eye, it is 9 years! We sell many bags in Thailand and export to many countries. We grow slow and steady.


We had ideas to do physical collectible stuffs for a long time but we haven’t start to do it yet. And we both are really interested in blockchain and crypto (and also invest some) then why don’t we do collectible stuffs in NFT instead of physical?

We launched our 1st collection of NFT on 14th Sep 2021 “Zodiac sign animal monster” which was our bag collection before. We start developing the same concept (but add some magical sauce and playful pepper!) Now we have many unique monsters and more to come!